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Little Beauties Freeze Dried Blueberries

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Healthy snacking perfected. Deliciously healthy dried fruit snacks, lovingly grown and carefully crafted in New Zealand. Freeze dried blueberries. 

Naturally sweet blueberries grow extra large in the early summer sunshine. Bursting with New Zealand goodness, we freeze dry the whole berries to seal in the special taste and crunchy texture. Naturally containing Anthocyanins - enjoy these superfood berries straight from the bag as a healthy, delicious and versatile snack. They also make to your cereal, smoothies, baking and desserts.


25 gram bag 

Brand Story

Back in 2010 the Wastney family started drying feijoas from their family feijoa orchard in Nelson, looking to send this treasure to friends and family abroad who longed for a taste of home. They had such positive feedback from feijoa lovers that they decided to make these Little Beauties available to everybody who shares the love for this New Zealand icon or those intrigued to discover it.

Next up we started drying New Zealand Gold Kiwifruit slices in our own unique way, followed by whole dried New Zealand Boysenberries – both of which have become enormous hits amongst healthy snackers of young and old. The development of a speciality range, paired with premium chocolate, created an exciting option for special occasions.

Most recently we’ve welcomed into the Little Beauties range two more super fruits, being New Zealand grown Blueberries and Raspberries – both as delicious as they are nutritious. We use only Soft Plastic Recyclable packaging and wherever possible we’re developing Certified Organic Product options.

Today Little Beauties remains a proud family business, based in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand – on a mission to create joy and surprise through the sharing of something special.