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Te Mana Lamb Leg Bone-In

A New Zealand Sunday favorite! Succulent, juicy whole leg of lamb. Good for up to 6 people. Check out our recipe page for delicious cooking suggestions. Aged for 21 days, Te Mana lamb has a micro-marbling that makes for an incredibly tender and delicious tasting lamb. Grass-fed, free range, hormone free and non-GMO


Average weight 4-5 pounds

Brand Story

FOOD FROM HEAVEN This is not simply lamb. This is TE MANA LAMB. While breeding sheep to be healthier and better adapted to high country environments, we discovered something never before seen in lamb. We discovered sheep with a different type of fat, an intramuscular fat, higher in Omega-3 with marbling on a micro‐scale. TE MANA LAMB has emerged from an unprecedented 10-year program with lambs specifically bred in the New Zealand high country. This unexpected discovery is leading a revolution in the world’s best restaurants