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Leonardi White Balsamic Vinegar

Bright and balanced with sweet notes of pear, apple and citrus fruit. This White Balsamic Condiment stands up to strongly flavored dishes as well as more subtle and delicate cuisine. Made from sweet Trebbiano grape must that is reduced to a delicate golden color, then transferred to oak barrels previously acidified by a mother vinegar. The barrels are then tightly sealed to avoid oxidation and discoloration of the vinegar and left to acidify and ferment for 4 years. The result is a vinegar with deep golden hues, rich floral notes on the palate, and sweet soft acidity.

Drizzle over salad and fish. Deglaze chicken for added tang and sweetness. Mix with olive oil for a delicious dressing


Condimento Balsamico IGP Bianco 8.5 fl oz

Trebbiano grapes

Modena, Emilia-Romagna Italy