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Casalbosco Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Superior category olive oil from Italy. The name of this oil, Smeraldo means Emerald, the color of this extra virgin olive oil from Casalbosco. Intense green, the flavor is fruity, typical of fresh olives. The light and delicate flavor brings to the palate scents of pine nuts and walnuts, with hints of almonds. The olive oil is complex and well balanced, with the typical spicy finish of a Tuscan olive oil.


100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 750ml

Olive varieties: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino

Pistoia, Tuscany Italy

November 2020 Harvest

Brand Story

Pistoia is known as the “city of enchanted stone“ owing to its landscape full of churches, monasteries and monuments characterized by the typical romanesque geometric line decorations that served as inspiration for the labels of the wine collection of Fattoria Casalbosco; the wines produced according to the Tuscan vinery tradition are now known throughout the world. The wine Orchidea stands out among the others (Chianti, Dorato, Carminio, Chianti Riserva) because its’ production is only limited to the best vintages and grapes of Cabernet and Merlot and it has been created in the memory of Raffaella Becagli. Another dedicated wine is Fuor Civitas (“Beyond the Walls”), the Cabernet Sauvignon called so in the name of the church of San Giovanni in Fuor Civitas, Pistoia.