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Sriracha Sea Salt

That tangy, spicy red pepper sauce that your friends all seem to add to every dish? Meet its new best friend - Sriracha flavored Sea Salt. Not for the faint of heart, use sparingly or generously depending on the toughness of your taste buds.

Perfect For: Sauces, Popcorn, Mixed Drinks, Snack Mixes, Nuts, BBQ


Sea salt, sriracha chilli pepper sauce


Net Wt. 1.5oz (43g)

Made in United States of America

Brand Story

Syracuse Salt Company is a father-daughter team made up of David and Libby in Syracuse, NY, also known as the 'Salt City.' Syracuse was the top producer of salt in the country over 200 years ago due to the high salinity of the water flowing deep underground in the city. The industry has long been abandoned, but the supply of brine is still there.

In 2015, Libby went on her honeymoon and brought David back some salt from Maine, since she knew he enjoys experimenting in the kitchen. Realizing that they live in the Salt City, they both wondered why there wasn't representation in Syracuse like there was in other parts of the country, and thus, the idea of Syracuse Salt Company was born.

Not only does Syracuse Salt Company have a large variety of flavor infused sea salts, they are now producing their beautiful Salt City Flake Salt, harvested right in Syracuse, NY, which was always their ultimate goal. Salt City Flake has been compared to Fleur de Sel, and is a favorite among both professional and home chefs all over the country.