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Hiramasa (Kingfish) side

Fresh and delicious, direct from Australia. Whether enjoyed as sushi, sashimi or cooked, top chefs around the world choose the Cleanseas Hiramasa (also known as Kingfish) for its firm yet delicate texture and unique succulent flavor


Sold by the side. Weight range is usually 3-4 pounds/side. You will be charged for the weight of the side you receive. Price indicates the average side. Cost/pound is $20.00

Brand Story

“We gather at first light on the shore of the Spencer Gulf, home to the Hiramasa Kingfish.  Around us, sea spray swirls, tossed by wild winds whipped up across an endless sea.  In these cold waters, the Kingfish is majestic, radiant, powerful. Once landed, freshly prepared, it is luscious, translucent and delicate.”  The Tale of Two Fish